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This technique teaches infants once submerged in water to rise to the surface while rolling onto their backs allowing them to breathe until they can be rescued.


This technique focuses on toddlers and children, teaching a sequence of rotation between floating and swimming, until the child can reach a safety point.


This program teaches your child proper stroke form in breast, butterfly and freestyle swimming.

about our program

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results in weeks... not years!

Our survival swim program, located in Port St Lucie, Florida, is completed in 4-6 weeks, giving your child the skills necessary to survive in the water and you peace of mind right away.

warm, individualized approach

We work with your child’s individual needs, building a unique level of trust with their instructor and a comfort in the water.

private, one-on-one instruction

Lessons are only taught ONE-ON-ONE, with a Certified Instructor, so that each lesson can be tailored to the child’s individual needs, abilities, and level of comfort in the water.

open communication between parent & instructor

Every family will get a personal call from the instructor before their first lesson to explain the program.  This opens a strong level of communication between instructor and family from the very beginning.

options for every stage of swimmer


registration $50 per family




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finis goggles – $15




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